Delft Open Hardware

Hi you! πŸ‘‹

Welcome to our website 0.0.3 πŸ˜‰

To make it easy for you to get to know us🀝, and to contribute to projectsπŸ’ͺ, we made this website.

What is Delft Open Hardware

We like to do Open Source Hardware projects and are always up for a good laugh.

3rd Meetup February 2020

Past events

πŸ“†29 November 2019 15:00 - Update event of running projects - Blue room TU Delft Library At this event we will tell all about the projects that are ongoing, how to help out and what to expect in the future!

πŸ“†11 October 2019 15:00 - Kickoff event - Orange room TU Delft Library