2021 Nov 19 - Pi Cluster Workshop Part II 🍰¢

Copy of workshop.png
Due to new covid restrictions we had to move our second part of the workshop online, but this did not keep us from sharing new information and having others learn more about cloud computing! Workshop notes can be found here: https://hackmd.io/lPtoZMKjSJ-oGiGCzObtLQ

you can watch the presentation and read the slides here:

2021 Oct 01 - Pi Cluster Workshop πŸ₯§ΒΆ

In Collaboration with the high performance computing center at the TU Delft we organized a workshop on the topic of cluster computing. Together with their expert (Dennis Palagin) we made it possible to visualize a cluster computer with a raspberry pi and multiple raspberry pi zero’s.

You can find the workshop notes here: https://hackmd.io/Vemik7JuS_Cep_fd1WwiHA

2021 Feb 11 - Hardware sessions @ OSF2021NLπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»ΒΆ

We gave a workshop at the Open Sience Festival 2021!
For this event we made a custom Delft Open Hardware Badge!
Check out the project here!
Badge designed by Suryansh, workshop by Nic

2020 Feb 21 - Third Meetup πŸ‘‹ΒΆ

Untitled At the beginning of the year we had a combined meetup, we had a lovely guest speaker and two workshops!
slides can be found here
presentation by Raymond Schouten
workshop Arduino
workshop Micropython by Chuck and Jose

2019 Nov 29 - Second Meetup 😎¢


After our kickoff event where we shared our vision, we wanted to have a more interactive session, this time we gave a workshop on Git!

2019 Oct 11 - First Meetup!πŸš€ΒΆ

Back in october 2019 we had our initial launch of the Delft Open Hardware Community!
Here we outlined our vision and had two guest speakers:
Jerry de Vos : How to fight plastic pollution
Krishna: An open source interface for blind users to learn coding

Kickoff Meetup 11_10_2019_Meetup0.1