Workshop: Making your own PCB ⚑¢

2022 Feb 18 PCB.png Link to the HackMD guide

Learn how to take your project to the next level by making your own printed circuit board! About this event This will be a hybrid event, you can join at the library of the TU Delft, but you can also join the livestream and follow along remotely.

During this event you are going to learn a super skill! The ability to make your own printed circuit board is an amazing skill and super useful for building and prototyping new projects.

Having your own PCB will impress your friends, solves the problem of miswiring modules and makes your project easy to replicate.

Who is this workshop for

  • People interested in taking electronic design skills to a level where they can build electronic shields for arduinos and raspberrypis.

  • People wanting to have more robust experimental setups for research projects.

  • People interested and enthusiastic about hardware design.


  • You have a beginners understanding of electronics and hardware prototyping.

  • You know why and how to use a breadboard to build basic prototypes.

  • You have a breadboard prototype that you want to turn into a PCB or you can follow along and build a air quality sensor.

Learning goals

  • By the end of this workshop you will go through the basics steps of turning a simple breadboard setup into a PCB

  • You will learn how to document the project

  • You will learn one way to order a sample based on a CAD