# How to help out

The reason you are reading this is great! Probably you came here to see what this is all about and maybe to contribute your piece for a better world🌍. Contributing to Delft Open Hardware can be super simple and should never feel like a burden, it can be something as simple as adding a switch to a piece of hardware or review a snippet of code.

# Steps to contribute:

  1. Find a project you like on Airtable
  2. Get in contact with the project members.
  3. Have a look at the tasks related to this project
  4. Let everyone know that you are doing a specific task
  5. Get sh*t done
  6. Let us know you did it and how it went, or recommended follow-ups
  7. Celebrate that you just made the world a tiny bit better!

Community channels tools and resources

We know it’s a bit much, but we have a couple of different platforms for different purposes

  • Meetups: We like to get together once in a while, we mostly announce it on the telegram but you can also find it on the landing page.

# Have a question?

Here are the following methods you can reach us: Telegram: As mentioned above, we have a public telegram group that you can join at any time😀 (or leave if you feel like 😢)

Comments in documents: You are always free to place comments in documents, we should get updates about comments and will reply there

Email: If you don't feel comfortable talking in public, or you have a personal question you can always drop us an email at: team@DelftOpenHardware.com

# Thanks for somehow making it all the way to the end,

you are awesome!🙌