# Great tips for great contributions 🚀

# Remember the main goal of the community 👇

How can we build together an open source driven community in Delft that develops impactful open hardware projects that benefits students, researchers, professionals and the University?

# Different activities you can do in the community:

  • Making or sharing great tutorials to learn things like git, arduino, etc.
  • Organizing community activities and events.
  • Project documentation.
  • Joining existing projects.
  • Starting new projects.
  • others you might think of....

# 1. Tips for newcomers

# Here are some things you can do get started:

  • Drop your question on the chat, people will help you out.
  • Join on a Friday lunch break and let us know you are joining.
  • Share your background and interests in the chat room.
  • Find issues labeled with help wanted, tasks, etc. of your interest accross different repositories here (opens new window).

# 2. Do's for project leads and maintainers

# Proper project documentation and maintanance

  • Make to have a README.md at the root of your folder.
    • In the README specify the current state of the project (this includes readiness to replicate, and use the source you have created).
  • Open gitlab issues that specify particular problems you are facing, tasks or help needed.
    • Take advantage of these templates to help you document crystal clear issues.

# 3. Making suggestions, sharing ideas and documenting them properly

# 3.1 Organizational suggestions

If you want to propose activities such as a workshop, event or propose new topics for the coming meetup drop a line on the chat, or open an issue in this repo (opens new window). If you open an issue that would be cool as people can respond with emojis, likes, etc.

# 3.2. Opening new issues in projects

  • Request to join the particular project to the project lead in gitlab.
  • Open an issue on this particular project and use existing templates to save you time.